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Article Software Will Get Your Sites And Articles A Page One Ranking In Google

If you would like to get better results with your article marketing, you need to have the proper article tools. If you are trying to do everything manually, it is kind of like walking across the country as opposed to driving a car. It is possible to make the journey on foot, but it would not be very smart, if you could afford to pay for transportation.

Article Software
Article Software

If you were only allowed to take part in one search engine optimization technique, you should be getting backlinks to your website. The term backlink, simply means a link coming from anywhere but the same website. The more of them you can get, the better your site will generally be treated by the various search engines.

There are caveats, like, do not get them all at once. Also, get one way links, not reciprocal links. If you link back to the site that links to you, they cancel each other out. And always use anchor text. For instance, do not use, Click HERE. Take the keywords you discovered in your research, and use them as your backlinks.

If, for instance, you have a site in the shoe niche, you could use RED TENNIS SHOES as the backlink. That way, whenever someone did a search for that term, your website would get a lot better listing than if you did not have that particular backlink. So now the question is, how are you going to get other websites to let you publish your backlinks?

Well, that is the main reason for article marketing. There are numerous benefits, but building up your website\’s backlinks is the most important of all of them. Remember, before submitting your articles, to your choice of directories, be sure to include the keyword links to your website.

Bum (article) marketing is great even if you have not yet built your own website. You can use it to get traffic that is highly targeted, to your affiliate websites without having to pay for advertising. Whenever you have articles that make it to page one of search results, you want to get backlinks for those articles, to keep them there, and even move them higher. So write more articles, and this time, don\’t link to your affiliate site. Instead, link to your articles that are on the first page.

It doesn\’t make a difference if you are wanting to get your website to the top search position, or your article there. Either way, the bottom line is you absolutely must have the right article tools, or you are going to waste a mind boggling amount of time. For each directory you submit your article to, you must have a unique article. But, that is just the start of it. Do you want your backlinks to be more than temporary? Then, you also need a unique title, unique author name, and unique resource box. To do all of that manually is not much different than trying to walk across the United States.

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