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Uses and Types of Pet Clothes

Pet clothes are already popular today. It has become a fashion statement. Like human clothing, they also come in different types, styles, designs, colors and sizes. Each clothing is created to match a pooch’s certain personality. But

How Pet Clothes Became Popular

Long before, pet clothes already exist but it was still unusual to see dogs dressed in dog apparels. Only the military dogs wore clothing for the purpose of protecting them from injuries and attacks. Domestic pets were

Becoming an Eclectus Parrot Breeder

The first step to becoming an Eclectus Parrot breeder is to learn how to pronounce the name of the species. Many people have never heard of this parrot species, and the Eclectus Parrot breeder will want to

African Greys – Prime Breeding Age

The prime breeding age of African Grey parrots depends partially on the parrot and partially on the breeder. The African Grey parrot is on the endangered species list in the U.S., but that does not mean you

Chihuahua Clothing and Dressing Tips

When it is your fist time to own a Chihuahua, then you should be very glad since you can actually do a lot of fun things with your new pet like buying Chihuahua clothing. One of these

Parrot for Pets – Go For It!

Parrots come in a variety of shapes, colors and personalities. There are more than a hundreds of Parrot species both in the wild and in captivity. Finding the right Parrot for pets is very important because as

Wooden Bird Perches That Will Hold Up To Your Birds Chewing

If you have been around parrots and other exotic birds much, you probably know that most wood is no match for their powerful beaks. These birds like to chew and their wooden perches and toys can eventually

How To Pick The Appropriate Pet Exercise Pen

To begin with, doggie activity pens can be utilized for a multitude of animals. Several folks automatically assume that the pens are for puppies and tiny dogs. Although they work very effectively in these situations, they’re also

6 Burung dengan Harga Ratusan Juta Hingga Milyaran

Dengan judul yang saya berikan untuk artikel kali ini, mungkin beberapa diantara kalian mengira kalau itu adalah salah satu pemberian judul yang sangat berlebihan dan alay. Namun anda salah kaprah di Indonesia memang benar adanya kalau ada