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How Do I Get Twitter Followers Anyway

If you’re new to the social media scene and have just signed up for the latest craze, you might be wondering where to start. How do I get Twitter followers, anyway?

The first step is completing the online profile. Those people that find your feed will need to know some things about you. This profile information also appears at random spots throughout the web site, and a good profile can improve your image with someone adding folks to their following list.

Get your Twittering link out there. Include it in any other social media profiles you have. LinkedIn, Facebook and other social sites all have places for including this information. Add it to your email signature, too.

Get Twitter Followers
Get Twitter Followers

Find other people who tweet and follow them. Following a lot of people can get you a lot of new associates in return. If you find 1,000 people to add, and just one out of every ten of those people reciprocates, you just found 100 friends. Adding 10,000 can result in 1,000 and more.

Bribery can work, too. Offering a bounty in the form of a gift card to a random new addition over the next week or two can result in several new additions. You will have to pay the bounty, of course, but it can be worth it if your friend ranks increase enough.

If nothing else works, don’t worry. You can always buy popularity. Some marketing sites will sell you friends in batches of 1,000 to 10,000 and up. Some folks have been known to auction off their accounts after getting a high number and have seen a profit.

Social media can be a fantastic way of getting out your message, but you still need a high number of friends online to see results. How do I get Twitter followers? Read this information in this guide carefully and your new friends will come to you.

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