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How to Get Grease Out of Carpet

Some oil stains will be more difficult to be treated than others. The most important rule is to remove them: Always apply less invasive action first. Use the other as a last resort.
To remove oily stains, first try with less dangerous action. Do not use solvents or detergents to the top. Try to follow the sequence given here.

How to Get Grease Out of Carpet
How to Get Grease Out of Carpet

Step How to Get Grease Out of Carpet

1. Aspire to fund the entire sector

Aspire neatly not only the stain but the whole environment. This process will prevent you from becoming a color difference after treatment.

2. Apply a wet towel

Dip a towel in hot water and let it stay with moisture only. Apply over the entire area of ​​the spots with firm strokes. See if something transferred to the towel. If so, go ahead until it is gone.

3. If there is any remainder, apply a solvent. If residues remain, apply a solvent, not directly to the stain but a towel. With some pressure try to absorb some of the pollution. If successful, continue this treatment until there is no visible trace.

4. If it still persists, then use detergent and solvent

Take care not to soak. Brush gently so that the detergent comes into the fibers. Wait a few minutes to take effect. Now, using the towel, with some pressure to see if transfer. If not, use the solvent again. Note: After each application of solvent, follow this procedure with the detergent.

5. Rinse neatly

Applying gentle rinse water mist is best. Remember that it should not saturate. Then remove the excess moisture with a clean towel. Allow to dry completely then perhaps waiting several hours.

6. Pass the brush and vacuum cleaner

When fully dry, brush all. This will release any balance that has remained detergent. Finally, although vacuum not seem necessary. This will ensure to remove all traces, but not what you see with the naked eye.

What is the idea about the oily spots?

To treat stains from carpets based on oil, always aspiring and start using the most innocuous items. Be safer, it will have less problems and probably have a good result. Moreover, if the stains do not give, try a good carpet cleaning . They will probably remove these stains of rebel oil.

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