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Handwoven Fabric

My passion in life is expressing myself thru several artistic venues. I am lucky enough to spend time at my loom playing with yarns and watching colors dance with each other, creating fabrics and garments that I love to wear.  I have currently added metal smithing to my skills and look forward to sharing some jewelry creations soon.

Handwoven Fabric
Handwoven Fabric

I was once told that there are 2 types of weavers. Those who like structure and pattern, and those who prefer color and texture. While I find pattern and structure interesting, I am wild about color and texture.  At this time, I am channeling my energies into rayon chenille, but, I also work with wool, linen and cotton.  I love handwoven towels, they make wonderful hostess gifts, and from time to time I do put a towel warp on the loom. That is where I get into some pattern and structure.  I also like to indulge in a little spinning.

One of my greatest joy’s is to see friends wearing my handwoven designs.  I hope you will enjoy my line of shawls, scarves, and raunas, as much as I do creating, weaving, and wearing them.

Welcome in Handwoven Fabric Gallery

Welcome to my world of  hand woven scarves, shawls, raunas and a new fringe jacket.  I am so pleased you chose to visit my site.  When I weave, I intend to create a fabric with function as well as beauty and elegance, that is fun to wear, And for everyone to feel the spirit of handwoven in my designs.  For those of you who are not able to visit Beautiful Handwoven Gallery in Jepara City. You will find on these pages a variety of shawls, scarves, raunas, and my new fringe jacket, hand woven of wonderfully soft and luxurious rayon chenille, chosen for vibrant colors with a fabulous drape and feel that beckons to be touched.

So, indulge yourself and discover the wonderful difference handwoven makes, wrap yourself in exquisite luxury, and catch the spirit of handcrafted.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my heart and follow my dreams.  I give a huge thank you to my very good friend and model Jane, for without her willing spirit, encouragement and enthusiasm this site would not be possible. I am ever grateful for everyday, and wish you joy and peace in your’s.  Please stroll thru and enjoy.

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