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A Historic Tour Of Alicante

Today, Alicante is a city where people flock to from across the world to experience the delights that this Mediterranean city has to offer, be it for a casual vacation in amidst a gorgeous climate, or to experience the beauty and history that this pivotal region has had upon the development of Spain, and indeed Europe.

A Historic Tour Of Alicante
A Historic Tour Of Alicante

Few areas in Europe still continue to enjoy the many influences that have been brought to the city over thousands of years. Given the strategic location of this port city lying on the sun kissed south eastern coast of the Spanish mainland, it can be no surprise that it was contested for centuries by the Moors from Northern Africa, Pirates from across the European seas. This legacy has made the region one of the most fascinating Spanish regions for the cultural tourist, looking to experience and taste the influences that made Alicante one of the most famous and prestigious regions in the country.

As a trading port, Alicante offers a region full of the spice of life, combined with the fun loving culture that modern Spain loves to thrive upon. In the city centre, undoubtably the centrepiece is the Castle Of Santa Barbara, overlooking the town that has scenically expanded around the tall, hilly base on where it lies. Just like Alicante itself, the architecture of this imposing fortress explains the history and architectural development of this region perfectly, and from the oldest section – the tower in the middle – gives a stunning view coupled with a refreshing sea breeze.

The city itself lends itself to casual exploration, the there is history and culture to be found on even the mostlooking street. On the shorefront itself there is theExplanada de España, an area loving decorated with classical and modern influences. For those who follow their history, this promenade is the perfect, and most leisurely means to get a true feel for the defences that this ancient town deployed to protect itself, with walls, defensive towers and even the occasional monastery lying on route to add an unforgettable atmosphere to a day in the sun.

Excursions outside of Alicante city are easily arranged, with a delightful coastline including a range of near untouched classic fishing villages, and even more historic sights and – indeed – views, to watch the ships pass by. For those visiting on a multi destination visit, only an hour north up the coast lies the beautiful town of Javea (Xàbia), offering ferries to the famously beautiful – and fun – Balearic Islands. You will find many excellent deals if you are looking for bargain property for sale Javea offers at this time.

Alicante offers the visitor a stunning city to explore the stunning variety of cultural influences that have, throughout history, been a part of making this region delightful to explore.

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