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Why Internet Articles Are Reliable As News

News media writing has been viewed vis-a-vis SEO writing to the disgust of some newsroom-rooted journalists. This is because, aside from news information, keyword-rich internet articles are spread in the worldwide web. SEO services companies churn out these articles for the objective of securing audience for a website, and creating backlinks. These two are vital components in implementing an SEO campaign and getting search engine popularity enough that it will assign the website on the first position of the first page for search results.

Internet Articles
Internet Articles

In both news writing and SEO, the mantra “content is king” applies. Readers have discriminating preferences, and would instantly disregard a poorly written, keyword-bombed article. In both news media writing and SEO, content, therefore, has to be interesting. While it is true that search engine spiders are also target readers of a keyword-rich article, real human beings actually read SEO copies, therefore these copies have to make sense.

Is it right news media writers to feel superior over internet article writers? The answer is no. And why shouldn’t they? SEO writing entails the same rigours as that of journalism with respect to an unchanging commitment to original and not plagiarised material, correct grammar, and beautiful composition.

In both news media writing and SEO writing, writers need to interest readers. Competing for attention is even harder in the SEO game. Whereas readers of newspapers usually read up to the third paragraph of a news story, internet readers are browsers. With the wide range of alternative sources of information online, they can altogether abort reading an article as soon as the banner fails to grab their attention, and then they click on another.

Enterprises around the globe hire SEO companies acknowledging it as an internet marketing strategy that is indispensable. Singapore, for instance, is host to SEO companies that offer the full range of and innovative strategies. The SEO Services Singapore-based companies offer enjoy the prepared environment for a tight-knit business and internet marketing relationship peculiar to this tech-savvy country.

SEO writers are constantly pressed to produce high-quality content within rigid deadlines. Singapore has the advantage in responding to the growing article demand as it taps other suppliers in writing excellent English articles from professionals of other Asian countries particularly the Philippines.

News media writing and internet writing also have another common ground. For the writers, both allow an opportunity to sharpen skills, make a decent living, and take pleasure in doing what they like doing best.

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