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10 Simple to Apply Link Building Tricks for Local SEO

Link Building
Link Building

Link building is a key part of Off-page SEO campaign. Even though”On-Page” SEO and excellent content provides help in providing some topical traffic, the real methodology that will help you to gain higher ranks in Google and Bing is link building AKA OFF page SEO. Why the name OFF page? Reason is easy – work is done outside your website.

Here are the 10 Easy to use Link building options for your SEO campaign.

Note: Lots of the systems listed below are helpful for Long-tail keywords only. For competitive and short tail ones – you really need creative SEO abilities.

  1. Directory Submission – Old school methods yet still efficient for Longtail keywords and for recently released web sites.
  2. Article Marketing – The game is straightforward. Get a list of article directory websites say some 100+, write some 10 unused articles and distribute it unreservedly to all of these 100+ article directories. It is definitely great when you can write an exceptional article for every article directory yet it is truly time consuming. Be sure to meet the rules of article directory websites for faster approvals.
  3. Social Bookmarking – The entire process of bookmarking your significant website pages, articles and blog posts with book-marking sites like Digg,Reddit and so on. It is actually a particularly good means for promotion in search engines, however you have got to do it properly.
  4. Publicity Release Submission – It’s much more like Article index submission. Come up with an update or offer your company lately introduced and distribute it in promotional release directories. Be sure that you write it as news coverage or at the very least an article that will appear to be news. Carrying out a paid press release using reputed directories will help you improve exposure.
  5. Guest Blogging – One of the most useful and very efficient tool for linking. The pointless part is that you are going to need an already proved website and good networking with numerous blog writers. This is real human side of link building where relationship certainly counts.
  6. Local Business Index Listing – Another similar to index submission. The difference is you really should be a business with a physical address to complete this link building strategy.
  7. Google Places – This one helps you to rank top for your local keyword searches, specifically for those related to local shops or local services.
  8. Link Exchange – An Old Skool stuff and this one still works. You can do 2 way and 3 way link exchange with web sites having same or related niche, and I mean RELATED niche.
  9. Forum Link Building – Forums are places where one can not simply have conversions but where you can build links. Most forums allow members to publish links in their signature area, just be sure that this links are do-follow.
  10. Blog Commenting – Interestingly this one still work with websites of particular niche. Due to spammers most blogs just offer no-follow links within their comment sections. However there may be some good websites in your niche that provides you do-follow links. Be sure you publish your comments to related blogs, and then try and have good recommendations in your comments.

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