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Optimization of Search Engine

Any business man who wants to improve his business with the help of internet, should work around to ensure he gets visibility of his website amongst the target customers. The target customers who come to would search for the products and the businessman would ideally want his website to be flashed in the customer’s screen. This is done through a Search Engine Optimization. Websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc are also the search engines.

Optimization of Search Engine
Optimization of Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve visibility to these websites and thereby generate traffic. The following immediate thoughts are to be looked into for Search Engine Optimization: Keywords: Keywords are the spine of a website. Search Engines normally look for keywords and tab the website basis the keyword.

A suitable keyword if appears with a high density in the website, it will enhance the visibility of the website. One should be very conscious of placing the keyword, as titles, in the contents, in the URL,etc. Keywords are the search terms customers look for. Abnormal usage of keyword would be labelled as a spam and search engines would ignore the website and label them as a highly keyword stuffed site.Map the Website : This is like the creating a shape to the website.

Keep a page in the website which has links to all the major web pages of the website. This is a key search engine optimization strategy as most of the cloud spiders look for such maps in the website.Text the image : Search Engine Optimization can be done only on text and not on images. Though it is being done on images, however, a visible text for an image is valuable for SEO.Content : Keep updating the content of the website. A site with regularly updated content is most likely to catch the codes of search engines.

Apart from the above, one should constantly monitor the progress of a website by observing the trend of the visitors to the website. Tools like Alexa and Google Analytics helps to do these tracking. These tools helps to tell which customers visited the site and how many pages were visited. Logs are available to confirm where the visitors come from and the search terms the visitors used to find the website.

Other ways of catching the Search engines are through link building. With genuine content, especially blogs, one should generate links with other websites. This would serve as a give and take strategy or a cross pollination of links to other websites. Search Engine Optimization is a major flop amongst Flash and Splash. As of now the Search Engines codes do not interact with the flash players. A great content if embedded in a flash player would not be noticed by the Search Engines.

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