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How Pet Clothes Became Popular

Long before, pet clothes already exist but it was still unusual to see dogs dressed in dog apparels. Only the military dogs wore clothing for the purpose of protecting them from injuries and attacks. Domestic pets were simply kept well-groomed and some were trained for special skills.

Pet Clothes Popular
Pet Clothes Popular

As the years advanced especially during the 20th century, clothes for dogs slowly evolved. Veterinarians and pet apparel manufacturers emphasized to dog owners the importance of dressing up their pet. Scientific studies were conducted on different kinds of breed and the results were analyzed. Small breed of dogs like the Chihuahua, Miniature Poodle and Maltese have less body fat to protect them from a cold environment. Hairless breeds are also prone to chills during extreme colds because their fur is not thick enough to keep them warm that’s why pet clothes will be a good idea.

Large breeds also need dog clothes to protect them when they are exposed in the hazards of the outside environment. Another reason on having your dogs wear pet outfits include protecting your pet from the hazards of climate changes like getting sniffles and suffering hypothermia. It also protects them from injuries like stepping on sharp objects. When responsible dog owners learned about this fact, they were encouraged to dress up their pets.

Soon enough, pet apparels manufacturers and pet stores started to penetrate the market. More and more people were informed on the importance of clothes for their dogs. It became even more popular when famous personalities, like Paris Hilton, were seen with their pooches dressed in designer dog outfits. Movies were also created with dogs donning those stylish clothes. Many fans movie goers were influenced. And eventually, the dog fashion raged up the market, many pet apparel businesses boomed and dog shows were introduced.

Most dog owners are now enjoying dressing up their pooches. They find it an enjoyable and a rewarding activity. It is no longer surprising to meet pups clad in their fashionable outfits with their masters on the sidewalk or at the park. Pet clothes undeniably have claimed its place in the market and fashion.

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