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Moving to Warmer Climes

Moving to Warmer Climes
Moving to Warmer Climes

Increasingly, people from the UK and other parts of Europe are deciding to pack up and move to javea warmer climes; most popularly to Spain. The warmer climate and lower cost of living are a great attraction to people from other parts that are used to cold and wet weather, and fed up with the rising cost of living. According to a Javea property sales agent now is a great time to snap up a bargain as prices in Spain are still very low, but the market seems to be gaining a little movement.

Most people take their holidays in Spain and other countries that enjoy good weather most of the year, and enjoy their stay so much that will often comment “I love it here, I would love to live here” but usually think no more about it once they are back home; believing that this dream is out of their reach and not possible for regular folk. This could not be further from the truth, as moving to another European country is now no more difficult than moving to another part of the UK.

There are removal companies that will take your possessions wherever you wish, and some truck rental companies allow you to rent a vehicle in the UK and hand it in elsewhere. The European Community and its regulations may be a nuisance in some parts of life, but in other ways it can be very convenient and can make life much easier for those travelling or moving abroad.

If you choose to move to Spain and do not speak the language, you would be advised to enlist the help of a Gestor,. This is a Spanish professional who is a cross between a solicitor and accountant; trained in all legal matters, who will help you acquire all the necessary papers, including your legal residence and everything you need to purchase or rent a property. In most areas where expats settle, you will find that professional people speak English and are willing to act as translators when you need them.

If you are purchasing property, do make sure that you have someone professional look over all the paperwork, to ensure that everything is legal and above board, and that you will not receive unpleasant surprises further down the road. Aside from this there is nothing to be afraid of; so pack your bags and head for the sun!

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